40 Mile Point Lighthouse Museum

Application for the Lighthouse Keeper’s Program
(Applicant must have a fully self-contained RV)
(If you have living accommodations in the area, you may also be eligible to apply)

Please list ALL applicantsAll Guest Lighthouse Keepers must be 18 years of age or older.

Applicants must be on site as keepers for the entire length of stay.  Singles are welcome to apply and we will make every attempt to fit single applicants into the schedule. (Children at least 12 years of age may be eligible to accompany their parents or guardians. Please contact us prior to applying.)



 City/State/Zip___________________________________Telephone Number________________

 E-Mail Address_______________________________________________

Present Occupation____________________________________________

 RV Year/Make/Model:                              Auto Year/Make/Model:

 _________________________________                   ___________________________________

 License No./State __________________ License No./State ____________________

 Type ______________         /Length ________         List Additional Vehicle________________

 Number of Slide-Outs _________                         License No./State__________________

If individual applicants (or couples) wish to work together, each person or couple must submit a separate application, complete with resumes, references, etc.  Please submit your applications together. 



(Telephone interviews may be required.  If required, the telephone interview will be scheduled upon receipt of your application.)


Two week minimum stay starting on Monday.

First Choice: Start From _________ to ____________

Second Choice: Start From _________ to ____________

Application Procedure

The entire application must be filled out completely, signed and returned and accompanied by the following items:

1.                     A brief summary listing any experiences you have had working with the public, either as an employee, volunteer or manager.

2.                     Two personal letters of reference.

3.                     A $25.00 non-refundable application fee per application.  Make checks payable to:    Forty Mile Point Lighthouse Society.

Program Fees            When your application is approved, a security deposit of $150.00 will be required.  If you have to cancel and give notice of cancellation two weeks prior your first day of work, the deposit will be refunded to you.  If cancellation is received less than two weeks prior to your scheduled stay, the deposit will not be refunded. (Some exceptions may apply.)

The $150.00 security deposit will be returned to you upon successful completion of your tour as a Guest Keeper.

 My signature below indicates that I have read and understand this entire application, including the Scope of Duties.  I understand there is no compensation for this position and also fully understand that, if accepted, I am agreeing to work at the lighthouse on the days and dates assigned to me for six hours each day.  I also understand that I will be required to work extra hours during special, scheduled activities such as the Memorial Day Weekend Open House, the Rogers City Nautical Festival and the Great Lakes Lighthouse Festival.

I further understand that some aspects of the responsibilities, particularly providing tower tours, require good health and the ability to deal with the public and to handle unexpected emergencies.  I understand that my duties will include working in the gift shop and performing routine cleaning of the museum, gift shop and pilot house.  I agree to a personal telephone interview ( if required) and to attend the required orientation session.  I also agree to work all hours assigned to me if I am selected to be a Guest Lighthouse Keeper.

________________________________________________                  ___________________

                               Signature                                                                                Date

________________________________________________                   ___________________

                               Signature                                                                                 Date

The application MUST be signed.  Both applicants must sign if applying as a couple.

 Please mail completed application to:

40 Mile Point Lighthouse Society

P. O. Box 205

Rogers City, MI 49779

Contact Information
Phone (989) 372-6090
or (989) 734-4587

Revised 8/11/2016