Few, if any, lighthouses have a program that offers an on-location RV campsite where prospective Guest Lighthouse Keepers have the advantage of being able to use their own personal living quarters while, at the same time, experience an opportunity to work and live at an historic lighthouse. Keepers will thoroughly enjoy their time spent here; make new friends and have lots of fun. But, there are many responsibilities that go hand-in-hand with becoming a Guest Keeper.

These responsibilities such as greeting visitors, operating and managing the gift shop, tower duty, and having a general knowledge of 40 Mile Point Lighthouse history, etc., are more fully explained in the Keeper's Handbook.

The museum is located within Presque Isle County's Lighthouse Park. The park is open to the public year-round, seven days a week from daylight until dusk. Many individuals use the park and the Pavilion (the former Fog Signal Building) for various activities throughout the year. It is common to have school groups, adult organizations, high school reunion parties, birthday parties and wedding parties reserving a time slot to use the park’s many facilities. A groundskeeper employed by the county is responsible for grounds maintenance and scheduling use of the facilities for these various social events. It is not the responsibility of the Guest Lighthouse Keeper.

The lighthouse museum, gift shop and Calcite Pilot House are operated and maintained by the 40 Mile Point Lighthouse Society and are open to the public as follows:

Thank you for your interest in the Keeper's program at the 40 Mile Point Lighthouse Museum.

Following is a description of the expectations and responsibilities associated with your participation in the program. These guidelines have been established to ensure the smooth operation of the Lighthouse during a very busy season, as well as to ensure that everyone has a positive experience. Please read the entire form carefully to be sure that this program is right for you.

Memorial Day Weekend to Mid-October each year
Tuesday - Saturday 10 am to 4 pm
Sunday - Noon to 4 pm
Closed Monday

Purpose Statement

The 40 Mile Point Lighthouse Society is dedicated to the restoration and preservation of 40 Mile Point Lighthouse, complementary buildings and the Calcite Pilot House. Our goal is to create and maintain a nautical museum to enhance the understanding of the area's nautical history.

Tours of Duty

Ideally, four Keepers are on duty at all times during operating hours. We request a two week minimum stay. A Society member or members will fill in if sufficient help is not available or in case of an emergency situation. All Keepers receive one day off during a week of duty. (This can be combined with Monday (our closed day), or any other day) Keepers are asked to arrange the scheduling themselves. On occasion Keepers may be asked to work extra hours to cover a special event.

Orientation Program

All new Keepers who are accepted into the program are required to attend an orientation prior to assuming their duties. On your scheduled starting date, please plan to arrive at Lighthouse Park no later than 9:00 am. Returning Keepers are not required to attend an orientation, however, a brief refresher will be provided to you on the day you arrive. Guest Keepers who are completing their tour of duty may remain at the park as late in the day as they wish, or leave the following day.

Living Quarters

All Keepers will supply their own self-contained RVs. There are four (4) fully equipped RV parking spaces located just south of the open pavilion. Two spaces will be occupied by the current Keepers. The remaining two spaces will be used for the incoming Keepers. Personal vehicles only will be parked at the RV site. (If you do not have an RV but you have living accommodations in the area, you may be eligible to apply. Please contact us prior to applying)

Primary Lighthouse Keeper Responsibilities

Welcoming visitors and providing them with historical information about the museum in a friendly manner is probably the most important responsibility. Guest Keepers also maintain a presence in the gift shop, the light house museum and the pilot house during business hours. You are asked to learn some basic historic information about the lighthouse and the pilot house. (The information will be provided to you). Lighthouse keepers must be energetic, comfortable speaking with the public, in good health, able to climb stairs and work the required hours.

Additional Responsibilities

Other responsibilities include (but are not limited to) sweeping floors, sidewalks and tower stairs, removing trash, vacuuming and dusting. Keepers are asked to keep the gift shop neat, orderly, well stocked and to price merchandise when it arrives. All participants will be trained to operate the cash register and the credit card machine located in the gift shop.

Rules and Regulations

Access to Lighthouse Park is from U. S. 23. The gate at the park entrance is closed from dusk to 8:00 A.M. The grounds keeper is responsible for the gate. The lighthouse museum, pilot house and gift shop are the responsibility of the Keeper and there is a security system which must be de-activated each morning and re-activated at closing each day. You will be given a special code and instructed on the proper use of the security system.

Small pets are allowed if they are kept on a 6 foot leash. It is the Keeper's responsibility to clean up after their pet(s) promptly. Pets are not allowed inside the museum, gift shop or pilot house.

Smoking, beverages or food is not allowed in the museum, gift shop or pilot house. Excessive use of alcoholic beverages is not allowed in the park.


Campfires are allowed in the provided fire rings only. No fires will be allowed if the local fire danger is high. (As determined by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources).

Overnight Guests

You may have overnight guests if you can accommodate them in your RV. Please notify a Society Board member if your guest(s) will be staying more than one night.


No tents or additional RV's will be allowed during your stay.

(Rev. 2/27/13)

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